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U-TOUCH Inc. is an International non-profit and technology oriented organization fully registered as a 501 (c) organization in the United States of America and with the National Board for Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda.

U-TOUCH Inc. was founded in 2009 and began operation as a Community Based Organization in North and Eastern Uganda, providing innovative technology tools, skills, and resources for community empowerment, education, and social transformation.

U-TOUCH Inc. is head-quartered in San Diego, California, United States with a Country Programme Office in Gulu, Northern Uganda.

U-TOUCH Inc. was founded to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide opportunities to disadvantaged people to access, gain, and use technology to advance their socio-economic goals and improve their lives and that of their families and communities.
  • To promote and advocate for gender equality and women’s socio-economic empowerment at family, community, and national levels.
  • To improve education, research, and communication through provision of technology resources and enabling accessibility by underserved populations in Uganda and across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • To engage in policy advocacy and networking for enhanced development with the aim of bettering lives of disadvantaged people across Sub-Saharan Africa, and
  • To provide opportunities for youth, women, and children to learn and embrace technology skills to create innovative solutions to poverty, unemployment and other socio-economic development challenges at local, national, and international levels.


U-TOUCH upholds 10 core values which define what we stand for. It’s a set of principles and quality standards which guide the organizational practices and activities at all times, and represent a commitment by the Board of Directors, Management, Program staff and all stakeholders towards realization of set goals and objectives within the organization

Integrity: U-TOUCH demands, promotes and encourages morally and ethically acceptable conduct from its members of staff, partners, stakeholders and members of its target population. Integrity is the pillar of our existence and work, for which we take individual and collective responsibility and accountability.

Respect & Dignity: We are committed to ensure a productive work environment where employees are valued and treated with respect and dignity. In the same vein, we treat our clients, beneficiaries and members of the community with utmost respect and dignity, recognizing the fact that we all deserve to be treated in a humane, respectable, and dignified manner.

Respect for diversity: We recognize and appreciate personal differences, diverse cultures, talents, values and norms represented by our workforce and seek to harmonize divergent opinions and practices with the view of achieving a common goal for the organization.

Innovation: We are driven by a motive to constantly and deliberately discover and apply new and better solutions that meet new requirement, unarticulated or existing needs of our target beneficiaries and the general public. Our focus is always on deriving and implementing new and improved methods and approaches to further our mission and achieve our vision.

Excellence: While we empower vulnerable and underserved people and advocate for their improved living conditions, our work is driven by the motivation and desire to excel by continuously improving our services to surpass certain minimum standards, expectations and quality.

Results oriented: We recognize that the output of our efforts is the ultimate measure of our productivity as an organization. This implies that we always aim to achieve maximum results based on clear and measurable outcomes and indicators. By this, our focus is on performance with the view of achieving intended outcomes.

Passion for our work: Our team is intrinsically motivated and driven by a compelling desire, energy and zeal to meet deadlines and achieve a shared goal. Simply put, we love what we do and are continuously inspired to do it.

Accountability & Transparency: We are committed to exercising proper diligence, care and attention by taking responsibility, explaining and justifying our actions with regard to resource allocation and utilization for our program implementation. We do this by ensuring honesty, openness and transparency in all our activities with clients, stakeholders and the general public.

Gender sensitivity, equality and non-discrimination: We recognize that gender equality is a fundamental human right principle that seeks to ensure access to and enjoyment of rights, responsibilities and opportunities by everybody irrespective of their gender.  We therefore uphold this principle by ensuring sensitivity to the way we treat others, creating pro-gender equality systems and programs that promote inclusion and participation of both men and women at local, national and international levels.

Time consciousness: We value time as a precious resource that affects the achievement of our set goals and targets. Conscious of the potential of time wasting to stalling progress, we cherish appropriate and optimal utilization of time by our staff in the implementation of organizational/program activities.


A transformed society where vulnerable young people are empowered and have adequate access to technology and educational resources to devise innovative solutions to intractable development challenges surrounding them.


To provide innovative technology driven solutions to sustainable development for vulnerable populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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