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Gloria is so thankful about U-TOUCH

Gloria is so thankful about U-TOUCH

Gloria’s broad smile expresses her “thanks” and profound gratitude to U-TOUCH for transforming her life! The International Medical Clinic in GULU was hiring in the Optometry Services Department which needed sophisticated technology skills. Gloria was recognized as the most valuable candidate due to her recent graduation and certification from her U-TOUCH technology training. U-TOUCH provides free computer skills and life skills training. She was the top candidate and hired from a highly competitive applicant field. Gloria now solely operates the eye clinic using a highly specialized computer designed for assessing eye care needs for the community. Gloria is elated with her respectable professional position and grateful that she can now provide school fees for her younger siblings, giving them a full education as well as providing health and medical care for the family. U-TOUCH celebrateS Gloria’s terrific success in transforming her life from staying at home without employment to a bright responsible and self-reliant future!

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